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40 Best Rustic Cabinet Hardware Ideas. With a 1 5/8 Inch diameter, it’s fitted to large drawers and cabinets in a number of interiors, from Victorian to romantic revival.. However, using Cap Nuts with connecting bolts, or actual knob bases is another option you might want to consider.

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Texas Uniques also offers excellent customer service with a Texas smile that is only found in the Republic of Texas. We believe that good customer support means helping customers in a friendly, positive manner. It’ll continue to be our mission to handle any complaints from clients about our products and do our becomest to insure customer satisfaction. Our reputation is based on great customer service and always being positive and ready to asswill bet our customers to the best of our ability. Texas Uniques is dedicated to insuring our clients are satis usuallyfied with this service and items.
Rustic style provides a sense of ruggedness, durability, charm and warmth. Dark, earthy tones lead to an inviting space that feels like it was made just for you. Again, I used wooden spools and flat knobs for the bottom of my new knobs, and both worked great. However, using Cap Nuts with connecting bolts, or actual knob bases is another option you might consider. If you are using an actual knob, make sure it’s smaller than the stone/embellishment you plan to add along with it. I then attached the rocks to leading of some flat knobs I found for under $1 each.
It’s made in the united states of hand forged, textured iron with a durable, matte-black lacquer finish. Whether your home’s décor is early-American or modern, this sturdy handsle fits right in. Cast in iron having an antique, lacquered finish, it stacks up to frequent use.
We have A LOT of cabinets in our RV so after painting the cabinets white, we decided the easiest way to update the knobs was to spray paint them. The truth is, I’m super indecwill beive and was finding it difficult to create a decision about what kind of knobs to utilize. Thes rugged and durable since it looks, this cast brass knob captures the essence of Craftsman design.

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

We could have avoided this had we just purchased 2 packs of rocks instead of one. I originally tested E600 and a different brand of Epoxy, but a couple of days later some of the rocks came off the knob base. You can imagine how lousy this scenario would have been if we were driving down the road while this happened. Not all of the lines arrived out perfect but a little light sanding fixed them right up. The key to achieving a farmhouse-style entryway is to marry simple style with vintage décor. Designing your entryway with a farmhouse-style look will make sure that every time you get back, you’re welcomed with a warm embrace.
Cabinet knobs, cabinet handles, dresser knobs, dresser pulls and decorative furniture hardware can be found in a nearly endless variety of styles, materials, and finishes. You may be amazed at what sort of seemingly small detail such as cabinet hardware can change the look of your kitchen, bathroom or furnishings. Updating kitchen cabinet hardware or furniture hardware is really a quick and easy update that will require minimal effort and is relatively inexpensive. Kitchen and bathrooms which are remodeled with up-dated hardware, cabinet knobs and drawer pulls have which can raise the value of your home that is an added benefit.
These knobs came with bolts making them super cheap and even easier to create compared to the ones with the wooden spools. After picking out those that were most similar in size, I taped off a portion of the rock and painted it with two coats of leafing finish in bronze. However, it’s also SUPER runny so be extra careful whenever using it. Luckily it’s water-based so it cleaned up pretty easily when I accidentally spilled some on the floor and nearly had a heart attack. Listed below are a couple of photos of the brand new white slate knobs in our bedroom.

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Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Knobs. Rustic cabinet hardware from House of Antique Hardware features rustic cast iron knobs and pulls in a wide selection of varieties of finishes. Add a touch of period charm to your home with these tasteful accents. Rustic cabinet equipment could be a simple way to add instant charm to any piece of furniture. Unique rustic cabinet knobs, drawer knobs and pulls, and cupboard handles are available here, alongside rustic includeress numbers and doorbell covers. Farmhouse décor may be the latest home trend to reflect the warmth of a classic country home, but with the present day, crisp style that leans chic rather than cliché. Liberty Hardware includes a vast collection of hardware accents to greatly help accomplish that look.
style is defined by clean, crisp lines and simple geometric shapes. This design usually consists of straight, sleek pieces that communicate functionality and fluidity. Modern style celebrates natural materials and the elimination of unnecessary detailing. Great for open floor plans, and uncluttered clean spaces with plenty of light. Rates begin at $6.99 and will not exceed $19.99, regardless of order size. Expedited shipping options are for sale to an additional charge.
This Mission Arts and Crafts style knob has crisp square edges and a hammered face. At 1 1/8 Inch square it is the perfect size for just about anywhere. Forged from durable solid brass and finwill behed in oil-rubbed bronze. However, the grey stones in the front of our RV that were glued to the front side of metal knobs have organized really well. I recently purchased more of the black knobs and glued exactly the same grey stones onto those for the bedroom – this time utilizing a small tube of Liquid Nails perfect glue.

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Elk Vertical Handle

Twig Drawer Pull

Based on simple designs from the early 20th century, it goes with a variety of décor, from Arts & Crafts to Mid-Century modern. Our traditional Round Iron Cabinet Knob (1 1/4-Inch Diameter) is really as versatile as they come. Here are some tips I learned during the process of creating our own rustic modern DIY cabinet knobs. All in, all these knobs were ridiculously easy to make and I love how they try the bedroom of our RV.
We offer a huge selection of high quthelity cabinet hardware along with some specialty items you won’t find anywhere else. Cabinet equipment is a good solution to finish out a kitchen that you’ve put your own personal touch on. When looking for the cooking area cabinet hardware pulls, think about whether you’d like knobs or pulls, then consider the shape and finish for the equipment. This will provide you with the perfect finishing touch for the kitchen.
Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Knobs
Cast in zwithinc, it features a rugged hthemmered surface and comes in an array of popular finish options. The Distressed Cabinet Pull (3-Inch Center-to-Center) offers rustic, natural style in classic shapes. Originally designed for Mediterranean kitchens, this pull pairs beautifully with river rock or other natural design elements in the kitchen or bath. The Mountain Lodge Ringed Cabinet Knob (1 3/8-Inch Diameter) provides fashionable style for rustic settings. Our Arts & Crafts Cabinet Pull adds rustic charm to furniture and drawers alike.

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Rustic Modern Diy Cabinet Knobs

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Knobs. It’s fitted to larger drawers and cabinets in a number of interiors, from Victorian to romantic revival. It’s fitted to medium-sized drawers and cupboards in a number of interiors, from Victorian to intimate revival. Texas Uniques is really a distributor of decorative Western, Southwest, and Star Style Cabinet Hardware on the web. We’ve been serving our customers’ needs for Western, Southwest, and Star cabinet knobs and pulls for a lot more than fifteen years. This is a great finish touch to a laundry room and can change the appearance of any cabinet or drawer.
Rich finishes like oil-rubbedbronze cabinet pulls make rustic details pop, or stand out against white kitchen cabinets. For farmhouse décor ideas that tie your space together, there’s nothing such as the pieces inside our Farmhouse Style Collection. Bringing your kitchen or bathroom décor together can have it challenges, and Texas Uniques is here to help. Shop our selection of cabinet and door hardware from our quality manufacturers located in China and Taiwan. CP214ORB-K Texas state seal star cabinet hardware knob drawer pulls oil rubbed bronze finis definitelyh measures approximately 1-1/2″ in diameter with 1″ screw.
This Craftsman knob is really a strong, robust knob for work or rooms that need powerful statements. Traditional Design incorporates classic details with warm inviting colors that convey a feeling of elegance and tradition. Often this style features curved lines and a variety of patterns and textures that can be highly detailed and add depth to the area. Traditional designs are comfortable spaces inspired by 18th and 19th century European decor which has a timeless charm still popular today.
The Belcastel 1 3/8-inch Cabinet Knob offers Colonial style with a hint of old-world charm. Lending a nostalgic look to both cabinets and drawers alike, it features smooth lines and a minimal design. CP400ORB-DP Oil rubbed bronze finish two star cabinet hardware drawer pulls 5-1/4″ in length 3/4″ width, screws holes are 3″ center to center comes with 1″ screw. The crisp detail of the decorative knob showcases its fleur-de-lis motif. Cast in iron, it stacks up to frequent use, and it comes in your choice of two popular finishes. With a 1 5/8 Inch diameter, it’s fitted to large drawers and cupboards in a number of interiors, from Victorian to romantic revival.